London Ice Sculpting Festival

January is always the exciting start of the year which makes me very emotional is the ice sculpting Festival in London.  The most important part of the festival is the competition for the international artist. During this limited three days, we can see lots of surprising artistic talent and sculptures. I found really interesting to see process of sculpting, from the whole piece of ice becomes the final fine art, every detail is just showing in front of your eyes.


Ice Sculpting—-Cinderella’s high-heel pumps 

This is the one of my favorite sculpting’s making process

‘what to wear’

London ice sculpting festival is interesting and fun, worth to have a look. By the end of the post I created a look for attend this festival.

How to keep warm but not looks like you put everything from your wardrobe on ? Parka obviously is the best choice for the cold weather, a basic burgandy top to go with just looks Casual and stylish. Pair of lace-up UGG boots and stripe jeans give vivid looks in the Winter. Of course we don’t want head-to-toe looks so seasonal and dull, bright orange-red lipstick not only for the summer time also can use in Winter to create a fun look. Light texture tinted moisturizer gives hydration and flawless coverage for the daily activity. Also peachy shade blush gives a healthy complexion. Last mention, don’t forget put a small shoulder bag on to match with the whole idea.

What do you think?

The edit The Edit

Parka: Sandro  

Top: Topshop  

Jeans: Paige Denim    

 Boots: UGG    

 Bag: Alexander Wang   

Hello, 2014


The year’s most exciting time is the arrival of the New Year. Turning a new page to 2014, this is the fresh beginning, a moment worth thinking and planning. 2013 for me is an unusual year, I did a lot of important decisions and change. Made a step further on the way to reach my dream.

So I have made a list of what I’m going to do better for this year and the first thing come out is to start writing a blog ! As I am a fashion course student, I have the fully passion and love of fashion. For me, success is just loving what you do and keep trying. I should write down my thoughts share in this blog and is a good way to improve my writing and communication skills. The next important point is I will read more to expand my knowledge. For educate myself better not only in reading, I want to develop the skills that I already have at the same time learn new skills. I hope I can always keep a clear mind, to find small details in life and be inspired; to think more and be grateful everyday.

Hello 2014, is a new start and a great future.