Story board for promotional video

story board



To start up with this project I need to choose a business concept and durning the Easter break I did some research. For this time I want to do something interesting also challenging to myself. As I am personally very interested in fashion and cultural, the idea of doing a fashion boutique was came straight way. So I started to make a plan for this massive project and research.

At first I felt very stressful as I found to write a business plan is quite different to those reports writing in the previous studying. Then I choose to borrow ‘the business plan workbook’ to learn the techniques and format in writing the business plan. Based on this I have defined my final business concept. I did a lot primary research that is to look around best boutiques shops in London. This is very interesting process, I found many shops never heart before but has fantastic performance. For example some stores on the famous Kings Road and near by Mayfair. Such great shops inspired me a lot and help me to make more clear ideas about my boutique. Such as what kind of products I want to sell and proposed target customers, etc. The whole market research process used all the skills and experiences that I gained during the two-year studies. All the analysis methods need to conduct more detailed and logical.

Following with the board research is to thinking the marketing plan. This is the most detailed part in the plan and each part need to think carefully. Also it is a creativity plan. For example the planned product and services, mood board, promotion plan have many interesting part like create events, store concept, advertising, also the short video. During the video filming I felt is quite easy as I have strong ability with it, from the story thinking and the way to present. The whole process is very fun and with my friend assisting we use a ‘stop motion’ filming technique. I think this gave me opportunity to improve new skills on editing and shooting.

When writing the operation and financial plan, which is the most difficult part for me. All the ideas needs to be viable and reasonable, this led some plan in the marketing part have to change due to the financial cost. Several predications need to conduct and research in cost price. I have contacted with some company and the whole process is hard and complex. Although there are many difficulties during the process, but overall I think this time I have learnt a lot new skills and knowledge of how to run a new business in fashion industry. All of these experiences I think is underpinning and necessary for the future development.

Marketing communication plan

The brand plan to use various channels to delve looping brand awareness, shows in the below table. As Fela boutique is a small new start up business, its promotion strategies mainly focus on using below-the-line advertising methods to create and maintain unique brand associations.

Store Visual merchandising mock up

The store will be located on Unit 1, Bakers, Kensington hight Street in West London. The building Barkers Arcade is functional and stylish with surrounding by many chain stores such as Marks & Spencer, H&M, GAP, Urban Outfitters, Diesel, ZARA, COS and Massimo Dutti. Also it is just directly opposite the junction with Kensington Church Street and a short walk east of Kensington High Street underground station that has Central/District/ Circle Line.
fela 1 fela 2

Brand Building

I have create a set for the brand’s visual elements including Logo, Business card, Price tag, shopping bag and Lookbook.
The brand standard typeface selected Didot font to gives a simple, modern and clean feeling. Pink is the brand’s color as inspired from Flamingo’s feathers color. Also the pastel pink remains the meaning of Fela’s brand concepts: fresh, delicate, feminine, lightness and freedom. 

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